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re: Spirit of Harmony & Tiller's Guide - Learning to Farm

Spirit of Harmony:
MoP comes with a new elemental crafting material, opposed to fire, water, air, etc there is only one material that is dropped by mobs: Spirit of Harmony (Mote of Harmony x10). It however is bind on pick up, so you will have to play on your individual characters for their respective crafting. i.e. to make a piece of gear on your tailor that requires 3x Spirit of Harmony you will have had to farm 30x Motes of Harmony on that character.

Motes I believe presently drop off of any type of mob, but I've read that it may only be from mobs that are elemental or heavily involved with nature such as sprites. I haven't been paying attention to what they drop from, but I have seen them drop from sprites.

I believe only enchanting is absolved from using Spirit of Harmony, but Enchanters and Gatherer's can turn in their Spirits of Harmony to Danky on top of the Shrine of Two Moons (New Capital City) near the flight path in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms for various trade goods like honor and justice points could be traded.

So that poses the question of how to gather Spirits of Harmony efficiently so that you can craft items quickly. Aside from killing mobs you are able to plant Songbell Seeds in your personal garden at Halfhill in the Valley of the Four Winds, that when harvested give you Motes of Harmony.

Key Points:
-You gain 4 more planting spots by gaining reputation with the Tillers faction and finishing the quest for that rep level, up to 16 spots.
-You don't gain Tillers rep by gaining friendship with villagers.
-The food gift repeatable quest for each neighboring villager I believe can only be done once a day. (*The daily quest cap has been removed in beta.)
-Presently upon reaching best friend status you lose the easy food turn in quests for lesser charm of good fortune. You should therefore solely use food turn-ins to gain rep for guaranteed easy charms.
-Jogu the drunk informs you the crop that will provide an additional 2 upon harvest the next day for a fee based on reputation. (It may be worth it to level his friendship early on an alt to maintain charms.)
-To be able to buy Songbell Seeds you need to be revered with the Tillers reputation.
-You also get a Songbell Seed Pack for becoming best friends with Haohan Mudclaw, which should be possible before reaching revered. (only 1 mote per, not worth it initially compared to food)
-You are unable to gain reputation with the Tillers or any of the neighboring villagers related to the Tillers before you are 90.
-You can't loot Dark Soil mounds in The Heartland in Valley of the Four Winds until level 90.

*You should most likely plant in addition to the scallions quest, the crop that is required for the level 575 feast of your preferred cooking style. i.e. Way of the Wok requires 250 Red Blossom Leeks for 5 of the 10 man feasts to level up to 600 cooking in that style to make 300 Agility food.

Here is an in depth guide for the Tillers Faction:
The Tillers - Learning to Farm
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